Leap User Forum

In an effort to learn from and share knowledge with current and prospective Xtracycle owners, we've set up a community forum where you can ask or answer questions pertaining to the Leap. The more you contribute (as questions or answers), the easier it will be for others to find out the pertinent information to see what they'll need to do to adapt the Leap to fit their needs. We encourage folks to contribute so that others may learn from your questions and answers. 

Not really looking to contribute and just need a question answered? Check out our Leap FAQ article for commonly asked questions. Looking to see if a Leap will fit on your bike? The Leap Compatibility Guide to the rescue. Don't really want to search for an answer and want an Xtracycle team member to help you out? Drop us an email with any questions you may have at support@xtracycle.com


Here's whatcha need to do to get set up on the Leap Forum:

Register and login to the forum:

  1. Register for an account at xtracycle.happyfox.com/register
  2. Confirm your email address
  3. Login to xtracycle.happyfox.com
  4. Click on Forum

To add a new question:

  1. Click on "+ New Post" to add a new question 
  2. Select a topic
  3. Add a question in the title field
  4. Provide additional information 
  5. Click "Submit Post"

To answer an existing question:

  1. Click on the question you'd like to answer
  2. Add your reply
  3. Click "Add Reply"
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  • 14-Jul-2017